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Bart van Dorp
Wildlife photographer

As a wildlife- and nature photographer it was great to live in a country like Brazil.  Between 2002 and 2014 Recife was my base to start many trips, expeditions and holidays to the beautiful national parks and reserves in Brazil where I gathered most of my images.

In 2014, for various reasons, we decided to move back to the Netherlands. In our heart however Brasil stays very close and in the Autumn of 2017 I went on a trip to the Pantanal trying to spot jaguars.

Although not in Brasil anymore wildlife photography remains my passion and in 2018 we travelled to Finnish Lapland, Italy and Wales. This year I spend 10 days in the beautiful region  Extremadura (Spain) and trips are planned to Croatia and Norway.

My original intention to create this site however was to share the wonderful diversity of the beautiful Brazilian animal kingdom. I frequently travelled to the Pantanal and Amazone region and visited numerous other national parks or reserves all over the country. With my pictures I hope to get more attention for these animals, particularly for the unfortunately many, critically endangered species as for example the spotted jaguar or Northern Muriqui. While travelling through these nature reserves I’ve visited fantastic projects and initiatives where hardworking professionals, students and volunteers make a lot of effort to try to change the tide for these endangered species.

Sometimes there is a success story like for example the Golden Lion Tamarin. These beautiful primates only occur in the Atlantic rainforest of Rio de Janeiro state. Around 1970 the total population was estimated at about 200. Now, 40 years later, thanks to the Associação Mico-leão-dourado who is protecting their habitat and using re-introduction programs the current population is estimated at 1700. It was a fantastic experience to visit the National Park Poço das Antes to spend a day between these wonderful monkeys.

Click here for some photos of the Golden Lion Tamarin. I hope you enjoy my images. For inquiries, remarks or any other comment please contact me on the contact page. Thank you for visiting my website. Bart

Click here for my portfolio

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